Achieve Escambia and Achieve Healthy EscaRosa

The Haas Center is proud to provide in-kind support for Achieve Escambia's cradle-to-career initiative through active involvement in the Achieve Escambia Data Team, and the development of the baseline report and online data dashboard. While the baseline report was officially released in 2017, work on this initiative began in 2015. Haas staff members have been involved since the very beginning. Today, we continue to maintain and update the dashboard as new data becomes available.

What is Achieve Escambia?
Vision – “Every generation achieves success, cradle to career.”
Mission – “To align community resources so everyone is empowered to achieve success.”
Approach – “Analyze data and engage partners to inform action, activate the community to achieve shared goals and accelerate the bright spots and promising practices within Escambia County.”
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 The key functions of the baseline report and data dashboard:

• Provide annual comparisons of key indicators so community members and stakeholders can track progress toward Achieve’s “Bold Goals by 2025” as well as overall quality of life.
• Goal 1: Kindergarten Readiness – 75% of children will be ready for school by 2025.
• Provide a centralized location to view and evaluate data on the region.
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What’s next? Achieve Healthy EscaRosa
As we look to the future, the Haas Center are excited to expand our support to include Achieve’s second initiative. Achieve Healthy EscaRosa is a health collaborative focused on improving the overall health of residents in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties.  This collaborative will publicly launch in February 2020 with a community-wide data walk.  This event will invite the community to absorb relevant data indicators in order to evaluate the current quality of health for residents living in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties.