UWF NSA GenCyber Program

Pathways to Cyber

The UWF Pathways to Cyber Program was made possible by the National Security Agency (NSA) GenCyber Program. 

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Photo of everyone who participated in Week 1

GenCyber Camp Increases Interest in Cybersecurity Careers

The UWF Pathways to Cyber Program hosted two combination camps in July 2017 for high school students and teachers. The National Security Agency/National Science Foundation Program funded the GenCyber camps. The camps served as a platform for a statewide program to increase interest in cybersecurity careers and workforce diversity, enhance cybersecurity awareness and improve cybersecurity content and teaching methods for high school curricula.

Students and teachers learned about the Cybersecurity First Principles, career opportunities in the region and networked with cybersecurity experts through engaging curricula and hands-on activities such as a scavenger hunt, NSA Day of Cyber and a private-eye program.

Blog: GenCyber Camp Enhances Cybersecurity Awareness

Local Teens Learning How to Combat Hackers

UWF NSA GenCyber Program

High school students and teachers: join us this summer for the UWF NSA GenCyber Program!

NSA GenCyber Program