Online Interactive Skill-of-the-Week Tutoring

If you are a distance learner or you just can't make it to the Writing Lab for Skill-of-the-Week Tutoring sessions, you may opt for the same interactive tutoring sessions online.

Here's how it works

The Skill-of-the-Week Tutoring sessions work the same way online that they do in the Writing Lab. The schedule is the same, as are the hours of operation. The big difference is the mode of delivery. Our virtual classroom lets us expand our tutoring services to distance learners, students with scheduling conflicts, and others who can't make it to campus for a tutoring session. One bonus is that the online version is available Monday through Friday, not just on Thursdays and Fridays. Another bonus is that, unlike face-to-face tutoring, online tutoring allows you to learn in your pajamas.

Read all about Skill-of-the-Week Tutoring under the Face-to-Face Skill-of-the-Week Tutoring tab, and make an appointment in Navigate the same way you would if you were attending the sessions face-to-face. 

How do I connect to my online tutoring session? 

  • Access Google Meet via your UWF student Gmail account:
    • Login to your UWF student Gmail account;
    • Select the “apps” icon in the upper right-hand corner;
    • Select “Meet";
    • Wait for the Writing Lab associate to connect woth you at the top of the hour.
  • Notes and policies:
    • You must use a laptop or desktop ­­-- no tablets or mobile devices;
    • You must use your UWF student Gmail account;
    • It is your responsibility to secure a reliable Internet connection -- The Writing Lab is not responsible for students’ Wi-Fi;
    • You must already be logged in to Meet at the top of your scheduled hour -- Please do not begin those steps at the top of the hour, as doing so delays your session;
    • The tutor will connect with you in Meet -- tutors will not answer connections from students;
    • The tutor will attempt to connect with you five times during the first five minutes of your scheduled session (once every minute) -- If he or she cannot connect with you, you will be counted as a no-show.