Grammar Live @ 5! and Grammar Classmate @ 8!

Grammar Live @ 5! and Grammar Classmate @ 8! are online skill-of-the-week sessions, offered Monday mornings and evenings, for students and professionals in the Pensacola community who want a quick review of specific grammar skills.

Details about Grammar Live and Grammar Classmate

  • If you have tutoring-session scheduling problems or conflicts, the Writing Lab offers Grammar Live @ 5 on Google Hangouts, an online grammar session that provides the same tutoring as the face-to-face Skill-of-the-Week sessions via the Google Hangouts web conferencing software.  These online sessions take place on Monday mornings at 8:00 a.m. and Monday evenings at 5:00 p.m., and the skill that is covered will be the skill that was taught in the Tutoring Room the week before.  For example, our first Grammar Live @ 5! and Grammar Classmate @ 8! sessions during fall and spring semesters will begin on Monday of week 4, and the topic will be commas because commas was covered in the Tutoring Room the preceding week.
  • Call 850.474.2129 or visit the Writing Lab in 51/157 to register.
  • Students must register by phone or in person by 5:00 p.m. the previous Friday for Grammar Classmate @ 8! and by 12:00 p.m./noon the Monday of the session for Grammar Live @ 5!
  • Students registered for the online session will receive a confirmation email with the link for the session by 7:30 a.m. for Grammar Classmate @ 8! and by 4:00 p.m. for Grammar Live @ 5!

What should I consider before scheduling an appointment?

  • Keep in mind these online sessions are a backup.  Nearly all students who need to attend our face-to-face weekly grammar sessions should be able to do so.  During a normal week, we offer 35 grammar sessions a week. Since our tutoring room can seat 18 students at a time, you'll have roughly 630 opportunities each week to fill one of those seats;
  • Locate your Student Lab Work Form.  You should have received this form if you took the Lab's Diagnostic Test.  You need this form to help determine which grammar sessions you need and want;
  • You may still attend our online grammar sessions if you have not taken the Diagnostic Test;
  • Registration for the online sessions lasts for five hours, between 10:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. the day the session is scheduled to begin.

How do I schedule an appointment?

  • Either call or visit the Main Writing Lab;
  • Make sure you have the following to expedite the scheduling process:
    • your UWF Gmail address,
    • the names of the specific grammar sessions you want to attend,
    • your professor's name, and
    • the days and times of your professor's class;
  • Check your e-mail for messages confirming your appointments.

What happens if a session is cancelled?

  • If a Grammar Live @5 session is cancelled because of a university closure, you must call the Writing Lab by end-of-business day on Wednesday of the week that the Grammar Live @5 session was supposed to take place to let us know that you would like to attend the make-up session.
  • Failure to notify the Lab by the Wednesday of the week that the session was supposed to take place will result in your losing your Grammar Live @5 reservation. Only students who notify the Lab on time will be able to participate in the make-up session.

How do I prepare for the Google Hangouts session?

  • Review the grammar rules.  The grammar session will not last longer than an hour, and there will be other students in the session.  Just as with any class, the sessions will be more productive if the students review the appropriate materials beforehand and come to the grammar sessions with questions;
  • Join the session early.  Under no circumstances will late students be allowed to join the session because late entriess are disruptive;
  • Go to the "Hangouts System Requirements" webpage to make sure that Google Hangouts will work on your computer.  If you have trouble, call ITS immediately. The phone number for UWF Information Technology Services (ITS) is 850.474.2075.  If you call ITS after 5:00 P.M., you will have to leave a voicemail message. An ITS representative should return your call within 30 minutes;
  • DSL/Cable connections are preferred over wireless connections.  If you are on campus and want to use a wireless connection, you should consider going to the John C. Pace Library, checking out an Ethernet cable from the Circulation Desk, and plugging that cable into your computer and a data port so that you may have stronger, more reliable connection.  You will not receive credit for attending this session if you leave prematurely because of a bad wireless connection.  If there are extreme, excusable, and verifiable reasons (power outage or internal UWF technical problems) explaining why you left the session early, you will be rescheduled for a make-up online session;
  • Although microphones are highly recommended because of the time it takes to speak versus the time it takes to type messages in a chatroom, they are not required to participate in these online sessions.  However, you must be able to hear audio whether you have a microphone or not;
  • Wearing headphones throughout the session may improve sound quality;
  • Make sure your environment is free of noise so that you can hear your peers and the Lab assistant speak and so that your peers and the Lab assistant can hear you if you use a microphone;
  • If you are having audio problems, visit the "Fix Audio or Video Call Problems" webpage and browse the known solutions before contacting ITS.

What is my role during the session?

  • Each appointment will last no longer than one hour, so be prepared to participate and be present for the entire hour.
  • You will be asked to complete an online worksheet through Elluminate that reviews the respective grammar rules, but the Lab assistants evaluate these sessions only as "Satisfactory" or "Unsatisfactory."  The Lab assistant will mark your worksheet as Unsatisfactory only if he or she believes you are disruptive or not engaged during the session.

What should I do after the session?

  • You will receive a "Confirmation of Credit" e-mail.  You do not need to forward this e-mail to your professor;
  • We document your attendance on your professor's Class Lab Work Form, and your professor will receive the form near the end of the semester;
  • Continue to review grammar rules because you may not remember everything that was reviewed during the session.