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Bachelor of General Studies

The Bachelor of General Studies degree program provides interdisciplinary study across academic disciplines and professional fields.

Program Description 

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) is an interdisciplinary degree program incorporating courses from sixteen different departments and four colleges across campus. Courses are grouped by skills focus rather than discipline, which allows students to hone their abilities in the areas of Communication, Information Literacy, Problem Solving/Decision Making, and Community Leadership. This unique design provides students the opportunity to learn marketable skills and their applications in several disciplines at the same time preparing them for entrance into an increasingly diverse, fast-paced workforce.

The BGS offers a great degree of flexibility not only in content but also in mode of delivery. Students can complete coursework face-to-face at the main Pensacola campus, at the Emerald Coast campus in Fort Walton Beach, or online. This enables BGS students to earn a bachelor's degree while maintaining family, military, and/or employment obligations.

The program is open to all students and is broad enough to permit access by students with a wide range of academic backgrounds. Students interested in a program aimed at a broadly based liberal education rather than a single academic focus or vocational track will find the BGS a rewarding choice.

Program Contact

  • Bachelor of General Studies
  • College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Rebecca Steward
  • Bldg. 50/Rm. 233
  • 11000 University Pkwy.
  • Pensacola, FL 32514
  • (850) 474-2131


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