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Arts Administration

The B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Arts Administration gives students a strong foundation in an artistic discipline (Music, Theatre, Visual Art) as well as basic knowledge in the business and communications needed to run a successful non-profit organization.

Program Description 

While the arts are Creative Disciplines, successful Arts Organizations need people who are not only passionate and knowledgeable about the art, but also have a strong foundation in business and communications. The Interdisciplinary Humanities degree in Arts Administration, combines classes in basic business, communication and artistic skills to give students a well-rounded skill set to work within the non-profit arts world, continue their studies in Graduate School, or apply their varied skills to a related field.

Students will choose to concentrate in Music, Theatre or Visual Art and will be required to take at least 18 semester hours in upper-level classes within that discipline. In addition, students will take 18 hours in Business and Communication classes. For specific required courses, please refer to the UWF Catalog.

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Within the last couple of semesters of study, students are required to register and complete a capstone/internship. This internship is with a non-profit arts organization locally, regionally or nationally. The capstone project is designed to give the student an opportunity to showcase academic accomplishments within a unifying professional experience.

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Sara Bond is a double major in musical theatre and interdisciplinary humanities, with an emphasis in arts administration.

Student Feature

UWF senior Sara Bond quickly learned throughout her college experience that luck favors the well prepared. Double majoring in musical theatre and interdisciplinary humanities, with an emphasis in arts administration, Sara’s time at UWF and strong dedication to her future have led her to incredible opportunities – like living abroad and acting with Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

"If someone had told me when I was a freshman that in three years I would be living in Hong Kong with the job of my dreams, I would not have believed them," Sara says. "UWF has given me the tools to achieve this opportunity." ... Read more.