Choose Philosophy

The Philosophy Department at UWF offers small classes, personal attention from respected faculty and hands-on experience working with local organizations.

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These Students Say...

Michael Hamel

Michael D. Hamel

"I chose UWF's Philosophy/ Religious Studies program because I wanted to know what it meant to be a real human being. That way I could help other people find their own meaning in life."

- Michael D. Hamel

Kate Devereux

Kate Devereux

"I chose to study philosophy in the same way one chooses to breath oxygen after having the wind knocked out of 'em. Philosophy literally saved me from myself; I am alive because of it, having never truly lived before."

- Kate Devereux

Ron Scott

Ron Scott

"I chose Philosophy because it allows my mind to wonder. I like the radical freedom that comes with philosophical thought. I also want to see if I am able to succeed in this field."

- Ron Scott