Careers in Philosophy

Philosophy undergraduate majors develop certain types of skills and are better suited for particular occupations.

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Prospects for Philosophy Graduates

Many philosophy undergraduate majors continue their education in pursuit of a higher degree. Frequently these students attend law school or go on for their Ph.D, which enables them to work in academia. You will also find a growing number entering medical school.

Are you concerned about the "pay value" of a degree in Philosophy? Read this report! Philosophy ranks 45 out of 129 majors in terms of median starting pay for someone with a bachelor's degree ($39,700) as well as median mid-career pay ($78,300). Philosophy ranks above Biology, and well above Anthropology, Communications, English, Psychology, and even Business!

UWF Philosophy students at FPA conference

Skills You Develop

Our undergraduate program provides an exceptional background and allows you to excel in numerous occupations. These skills include:

critical thinking negotiation
communication organization
reflection planning
engagement problem solving
time management research
project management  

List of Possible Occupations

Advertising IT Consultant
Administrator Journalist
Analyst Lawyer
Business Executive Legal Assistant
Campaign Worker Legislative Aide
Cleric Linguist
College Professor Manager
Computer Scientist Non-profit Advocate
Consultant Personnel Manager
Congressional Aide Public Policy/Government
Cultural Resource Mgr Researcher
Finance Sales
Foreign Service Officer Systems Analyst
Foundation Staffer Teacher
Human Resources Officer Think Tank Specialist
Information Specialist Writer