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BA in Music and an Outside Field

The BA in Music and an Outside Field allows music majors to pursue an interdisciplinary approach to studies.

Program Description 

The B.A. in Music and an Outside Field is designed for students who want to major in music while receiving a broad, liberal arts education. This degree program is designed to meet the growing need and interest among employers to hire professionals that are trained across multiple subject areas. 

The program prepares students for either graduate school or careers in various music fields with orchestral, chamber music, opera and choral organizations as well as areas such as arts administration and arts education. Students will also have the opportunity to pursue careers in a variety of fields that may be interdisciplinary in nature.

Why choose this program?

  • Earn a second bachelor's degree.
  • Prepare for placement exams for graduate school (Ex. medical and law school).  
  • Gain broad experience in the liberal arts, humanities and sciences. 
  • Advance intellectual skills in analysis, evaluation and creative critical thinking. 
  • Develop competence in written and oral communication.
  • Master the creativity and discipline required to complete a music degree. 
  • Finish prepared for employment in a variety of disciplines including music, the humanities, education, health and STEM fields. 

Department Contact

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Music majors can pursue an interdisciplinary approach to studies.

Possible Job Placement

Possible Job Placement

        • Graduate school (e.g. music, medicine, law)
        • Arts administration/management
        • Music management/production
        • Entrepreneurial  
        • Freelance performer/musician
        • Music Therapy
        • Liturgical music/studies
        • Arts education
        • Composition
        • Conducting

Program Requirements

In addition to the course requirements, the Department of Music requires the following of its majors:

Students in the program choose a music major and select an outside field of study, to include 27 credit hours.

Outside Field possibilities include, but are not limited to: biology, communications, history, mathematics, philosophy, pre-health, pre-law and psychology.

Audition Requirements

Students are required to audtion for this program.

Permission to major or minor in music is granted by the department of music and an audition is required. 

A student plays the harpsichord.
Patricia Izbicki, '14 UWF music alumna

Patricia Izbicki: Bridging music and neuro-science

At the intersection of music and health, Patricia Izbicki, a 2014 UWF graduate, has recognized her role as a scholar, scientist, musician and storyteller.

During Izbicki’s studies at UWF as a piano music performance major, she was fascinated with the interconnectivity of music and brain activity. As an undergraduate honors student with UWF’s Kugelman Honors Program, Izbicki also pursued studies in genetics and medicinal chemistry. 

During her honor’s work at UWF, Izbicki researched the life and mental illness of Robert Schumann, an influential German composer and music critic during the Romantic Era of the 1800’s. Through the encouragement of Dr. Hedi Salanki-Rubardt, UWF Distinguished University Professor and director of piano, Izbicki chose Schumann as the subject of honor’s thesis. She has credited both her thesis work and faculty support for fueling her current scholarship.

As a doctoral student at Iowa State University in Neuroscience, Izbicki conducted research on cognitive and motor inhibition in musicians across the lifespan and effects of music preference on cognitive inhibition across the lifespan. 

Dr. Izbicki completed her Ph.D. in the spring of 2020. She plans to attend medical school and hopes to operate a neurology or psychiatry clinic and lab. 

“The arts are enabling and empowering scientists to make that human connection.” - Patricia Izbicki, '14


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