History, MA, Early American Studies

The Graduate Program in Early American Studies offers students a Master of Arts degree focusing on early American history and culture, covering North America and the Atlantic World.

Program Description 

Although directed by the Department of History, this multidisciplinary program provides students the opportunity to develop their knowledge of life and society in early America in more comprehensive ways through coursework and research in various other disciplines – from anthropology to archaeology, to literature and the fine arts, and from government and political science, to philosophy and religion.

The program emphasizes both “depth” and “breadth,” as it requires students to take core coursework in the history of the Americas from European contact to the eve of Civil War, while allowing them the opportunity to expand their knowledge of and appreciation for various other areas and subjects in history and culture. In both their coursework and research, graduate students will gain a broad knowledge of the history of early America, while being able to delve more deeply into specific areas and subjects that pique their interest and develop their academic credentials.

The program provides graduate students with the necessary skills and education to secure employment in a variety of professions in the private or public sectors, including education, government, communications, and nonprofit organizations, or to enter a doctoral program in several fields. Along with broad-based and in-depth education, the Graduate Program in Early American Studies provides graduate students with enhanced skills at reading comprehension, critical and analytical thinking, and communication and writing.

Students can expand and strengthen their education and skills by serving as teaching assistants, or by assisting faculty as research assistants on various research projects or funded research grants, both applied and traditional. The University of West Florida regularly entertains visiting scholars and presents public forums, scholarly lecture series, and community seminars – all activities which further enrich the academic experience, broaden opportunities, and enhance students’ academic achievements, making them better prepared to take the next step in higher education or to embark on a productive professional career.


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Why Choose Early American Studies?

‌The Early American Studies program envisions a broad definition of “Early American.” Because Pensacola was historically a bitterly contested epicenter of international rivalry, passing through the hands of multiple Empires, and a prominent juncture of American, European, Indian and African peoples, the program does not limit its scope to British North America. Instead, we look outward to the larger Atlantic World including the Caribbean, Latin America, and even the Great Lakes. The program embraces Pensacola’s diverse history, which creates a “Learning Laboratory” for our students. From local archives to 16th-century archaeological sites and shipwrecks, Pensacola provides researchers a plethora of opportunities to engage with local history and the larger community.

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Associated Faculty

Ramie Gougeon
Gregory Cook
John Bratten
John Worth
Angela Calcaterra David Ramsey


Admission Requirements

** In response to COVID-19, GRE/MAT requirements will be waived for the Fall 2020 admission.

In addition to the University graduate admission requirements described in the Graduate Admissions section of the UWF graduate catalog, the applicant must meet the minimum departmental admission requirements for regular admission. 

University Requirements*
• Submission of Graduate Application and Processing Fee 
• Submission of official transcripts 
*International students may have additional requirements.

Departmental Requirements
• Submission of official GRE Verbal and Quantitative scores of at least 151 and Analytical Writing score of at least 3.5 or equivalent GRE percentile performance under the old testing platform; OR Official MAT scaled score of at least 415 
• Submission of letter of intent 
• Submission of writing sample (undergraduate research paper preferred)
• Oral interview, if deemed appropriate 
• Minimum of 15 semester hours of upper division history courses

Graduate School Application Deadlines

June 1 October 1 March 1

Certain graduate programs have earlier application deadlines. Check with the Department of History for departmental specific deadlines.

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