Minor in Political Science

UWF offers a Minor in Political Science. Students gain a foundation in liberal arts and social sciences.

Program Description 

One of the oldest fields of study, Political Science, is an integral component of a liberal arts education. Beginning with Plato and Aristotle, through Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Burke, Marx, and Mill, to Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton, serious thinkers have pondered at length fundamental questions about justice and political power. Students gaining a Minor in Political Science learn to inquire about timeless questions pertaining to the governance of human societies, including the origin and evolution of law and justice, the development and operation of political institutions and processes, the comparative performance of regimes, the exercise of political leadership, and problems of war and peace. It is our task to analyze competing theories purporting to throw light on these questions, subjecting them to the test of reason and experience.

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