The Department of Government offers internship opportunities to students pursuing a career in political science.


Job applications are considered on the basis of which candidate can contribute the most to an organization. Therefore, the purpose of an internship is to improve students' worth to organizations by

  • Increasing their skills,
  • Increasing their understanding of employers' needs, and
  • Aiding students in articulating how they can contribute value to employers

While students may find their own internships and approach the department with a proposal, we encourage students to take advantage of the department's experience in placing interns. Internships can take place in an organization related to political science, including but not limited to: educational institutions, social services agencies, book publishers, media outlets, campaigns of political candidates, the office of governing politicians, government agencies, think tanks, advocacy organizations, philanthropic organizations, and legal organizations.

The Internship Coordinator will work with students to develop a resumes that emphasizes any experience in developing skills needed in organizations related to political science.

These skills include (but are not limited to):

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Analysis
  • Fundraising
  • Event planning
  • Administrative tasks

Students can receive three (3) hours of credit for at least twenty (20) hours of work weekly, and submitting weekly journal entries, a cover letter, and a three page Reflection paper that discusses the responsibilities and goals of each department in the organization, the needs of the organization and how students may contribute in their future careers. 

In cases where a student is already in a full-time job but needs to increase skills and visibility in that organization or field, the student may receive 3 credits for a different sort of endeavor. As an application, the student will write a three page Reflection paper that discusses the responsibilities and goals of each department in the organization, the needs of the organization, and where the student might contribute in the organization using their skills as a social scientist. The student and faculty will discuss the proposed project and create a project plan, in which the first step is for the student to get the project approved by their supervisor. It is possible for students to contribute additional value in a variety of ways. Internships may be completed in any semester, including the summer.

Internships should be arranged prior to registering for courses a semester ahead of time.

Contact Us to Apply!

Students can apply by scheduling a meeting with Aleah Philips, Internship Coordinator. 

  • Aleah Phillips
  • University of West Florida
  • 11000 University Parkway
  • Building 50, Room 119