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Minor in Writing

The Department of English and the Department of Communication offer an interdisciplinary Minor in Writing.

Program Description 

The minor in Writing is comprised of at least fifteen hours of interdisciplinary writing coursework at the 3000/4000-level across the university.  The minor focuses on four core-course prefixes in the English and Communication departments: CRW (Creative Writing), ENC (Composition), JOU (Journalism), and LIN (Linguistics).  Students pursuing a minor in Writing must complete with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better a minimum of nine credit hours inclusive of at least one 3000/4000-level course from three of the four core-course prefixes (CRW, ENC, JOU, and LIN). Students pursuing the minor must also complete with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better at least two additional courses from any of the core-course prefixes or qualifying individual elective writing courses identified by the English and Communication departments.  All prerequisites must be met.

Choose one 3000/4000 level course of the four Core Course Prefixes (CRW, ENC, JOU, and LIN): 9
Two additional courses from any of the course course prefixes or qualifying additional individual courses 6
Additional individual elective courses that count towards Writing minor:  
Environmental Writing  
Writing for Film-Television-Radio  
Writing for Business: Theory and Practice  
Academic Writing in Nursing I  
Academic Writing in Nursing II  
Legal Research and Writing  
Writing for Public Relations  
Speech Writing, Analysis, and Delivery  
Total Hours 15

Additional items:

Students may major in any of the departments/disciplines represented in the Writing minor and also minor in Writing as long as the majority of the minor classes (9hrs minimum) come from courses outside the major department.

Substitutions for Additional Individual Elective Courses are allowed as long as the substitutions are approved by both the English and Communication departments.

Departments may designate individual courses in their own departments as ineligible to count towards the writing minor as long as students have been sufficiently notified.

Department Contact

Contact us for more information:

Department of English
University of West Florida, Building 50/211
(850) 474-2923

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