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BA English, Liberal Arts

The English specialization in Liberal Arts fosters skills in critical thinking, writing and analysis.

Program Description 

The English Liberal Arts specialization prepares students to be a part of an increasingly diverse population of critically trained readers and writers who are leaders in both the business and academic worlds. As the core of a liberal arts education, the study of literature fosters critical thinking, free inquiry, creativity, and clear and candid communication. In addition to its focus on writing, analysis, and critical thinking, this specialization offers practical preparation for professional careers in business, professional writing, law, medicine, publishing, editing, the nonprofit sector, and all levels of government service.

English majors at UWF are part of a supportive, close-knit group of thinkers and talented writers who value the study of literature, including contemporary texts as well as all the historical periods of British and American literature.

At UWF, the Department of English keeps alive the values of critical inquiry, cultural awareness, and intellectual curiosity, creating a welcome haven for those who value the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards of scholarly pursuits.

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