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Pamela Meyers

  • Position: Instructor/Director of General Education
  • Department: English
  • Office Location: Building 50, Room 206
  • Campus: 850.474.2923


Pam Meyers, instructor, teaches composition, and public, technical, and workplace writing.

In her classroom and online classes, Meyers focuses on helping students learn how to mediate the intersection between composition and technical / professional writing through a rhetorical lens.

Meyers has professional experience designing training programs for federal and private agencies. She utilized her experience as an instructional designer to co-develop the certificate in public, technical and workplace writing at UWF. Since she started teaching in 2005, she has taught in different educational settings, including universities, community colleges, and schools that focus on active military and veteran students. She has also taught through various modalities, such as traditional classroom settings, hybrid classrooms and online classes.

Degrees & Institutions:

She received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English from UWF.