Argo Athletic Band FAQs

Frequently asked questions and answers about the Argo Athletic Band

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the Argo Athletic Band.

How do I join the UWF Argo Athletic Band?

To join the UWF Argo Athletic Band, there are four important steps. 

1. Fill out the Interest Form ASAP to receive important information & updates.
2. Fill out the Commitment Form prior to JULY 1, 2020.
3. Register for the course: Argo Athletic Band - MUN3100, 1 or 0 credit hour.
4. Show up to Band Camp! There will be auditions for all sections held during Band Camp.

Are there scholarships available for members of the UWF Argo Athletic Band?

Yes, the Argo Athletic Band is a tremendous service to the University, the Music Department and the Pensacola community! Every member that actively participates in the Argo Athletic Band will receive a scholarship for participation.

When is the audition, and what is the audition material?

View the audition requirements for the Argo Athletic Band.

Are there forms I need to fill out to reserve my spot in Band Camp?

Yes! You will need to fill out the Commitment Form no later than JULY 1, 2020, to reserve your spot. The Commitment Form is extremely important, as it helps the directors plan for Band Camp.

If I missed the deadline for the Commitment form, am I still able to join?

Yes, you will still be eligible to join after the Commitment form is due! Please contact the directors ASAP to let us know that you would like to join. Email to receive more information.

At what events does the Argo Athletic Band perform?

The UWF Argo Athletic Band performs at all home football games, home basketball games, community events and campus parades.

Where does Band Camp take place?
What do I need for Argo Band Camp?

For Band Camp, you will need your instrument, flip folder (if you have one), loose, athletic clothing, sneakers, baseball cap or hat, an insulated water jug, and sunscreen. Most meals during band camp will be on your own, so be sure to set up a meal plan or add your daily meals to your expenses.

As an Argo Athletic Band member, how much should I expect to pay?

As an Athletic Band member, the following item will be provided to you at no cost: uniform shirt and t-shirts.  You will be responsible for purchasing the following items: black dress pants, black tennis shoes, black socks. Other items available to purchase are a drawstring bag and Band Jacket.

Do I need to register for a class for the Argo Athletic Band Band?

Yes, the UWF Argo Athletic Band is a class that you are required to register for. The Course ID for the UWF Argo Athletic Band is: MUN3100. You can register as a 1 Credit hour or 0 Credit hour. Students that are not registered for the Argo Athletic Band course will not be permitted to be a member.

Do I have to be a music major to participate in the Argo Athletic Band?

No. Any student of any major can audition to be a part of the Argo Athletic Band! In fact, we pride ourselves on having students in the Athletic Band from all 5 colleges here at UWF!

Am I eligible to use a school-owned instrument?

The following instruments/equipment are available for student use: mellophones, euphoniums, sousaphones, drumline equipment, and color guard equipment.