Students feature their work from the Irish Study-Abroad Program in The Art Gallery at UWF.

Minor in Art

Students pursuing a minor in Art may study Studio Art or Art History.

Program Description 

The Minor in Art offers students the opportunity to focus in either Studio Art, Art History, Digital Art, or Graphic Design. Students analyze and interpret visual data while learning to recognize historical styles and the cultural forces that shape them. 

The department invites all students from any major to complete a Minor in Art. Students must complete 18 hours of coursework in any area of studio art or art history, with at least 12 hours taken at the 3000 or 4000 level. Students should speak to an art advisor to tailor their minor coursework to their major area of interest.

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Program Specializations

Student Art Exhibition

Studio Art

The Minor in Art, with a specialization in studio art, offers foundations in several classical disciplines. Students may concentrate in any of several areas, each with its own dedicated studio and equipment: drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, and film photography.

100x75 God.Sistine Chapel

Art History

The Minor in Art, with a specialization in art history, offers foundational knowledge in historical artistic styles and the cultural forces that shape them. Students may intern with either The Art Gallery at UWF (TAG) or the Pensacola Museum of Art, the University's art museum.

Graphic Design

The Minor in Art, with a specialization in graphic design, makes use of research, analysis, sketching, concept development and teamwork, which are all integral parts of students' design process. Students develop an understanding of the applications of design history and process.

Digital Art

A specialization in digital art provides minors with the technical and conceptual tools to work in this rapidly evolving discipline. The coursework includes training in arts foundations, new emerging technologies and their applications.     

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