Tracing the Trade: A Proposed Archeological Model for Panton, Leslie, and Company Trade Site Types in Second Spanish Florida

Siska Marie Williams

          This study addresses the role of Panton, Leslie, and Company in trade and commerce during the Second Spanish occupation of the Florida region (1781-1821). This thesis analyses both primary and secondary documentary sources such as cargo lists and inventories combined with archaeological materials from the firm's headquarters, two of their trading posts, and several Native American sites that were within the firm's trade jurisdiction in order to create archaeological models for Panton, Leslie, and Company trade site types in second Spanish Florida. In addition, a trajectory of trade items is identified as trade goods are shipped from England to the firm's headquarters in Pensacola and then to the firm's strategically placed trading posts. A subset of the items reflecting Native American preferences in ceramics, containers, implements, and personal items then finds its way to Native American sites.