Settlers and Slaves: A Spatial Analysis of a Colonial and Antebellum Mill Community in Escambia County, Florida

Leigh A. Rosborough

          This thesis examines the Clear Creek site (8ES1965, 8ES2949, and 8ES2950) which is located on a small tributary of the Escambia River in Escambia County, Florida. The site appears to be a Second Spanish sawmill community mapped by Vincente Pintado in 1815. Historical research into the land area provided information about the site's owners during the British, Second Spanish, and American occupations of Pensacola. Analysis of archaeological remains produced evidence of socioeconomic and ethnic differences within the site's residential areas. The combined use of history and archaeology provided a glimpse of the overseers and slaves who lived and worked at the Clear Creek site. This thesis has established a foundation for future research at the Clear Creek site and industrial communities in the West Florida interior.