Time and Tide Wait for No One: The History and Archaeology of the British Bark, Rhoda

John Kenneth Rawls

          As a part of University of West Florida Archaeology Institute's effort to document submerged cultural resources in Pensacola Bay and its surrounding waters, Rhoda (8ES1899) was chosen as one of several significant historic shipwrecks and became a foci of the summer field school. Rhoda was a sailing ship built in Quebec City, Quebec in May of 1864. After an eighteen-year career with voyages all over the north and south Atlantic oceans, she capsized in Pensacola Bay, Florida in a violent storm 9 September 1882. This thesis integrates the historical and archaeological research of 8ES1899. Results of this research strongly suggest that this shipwreck is that of the Québécois-built, British bark Rhoda.