More Than Just Copies: Colono Ware as a Reflection of Multi-Ethnic Interaction on the 18th Century Spanish Frontier of West Florida

Jennifer Ann Melcher

          Colono ware, low-fired earthenware in European form, has long presented a challenge to the archaeologist. The existing typology of colono ware has led to confusion and misunderstanding of these wares. Proposed here is a new, more consistent typology. Archaeological work at three Spanish presidios in Pensacola, Florida, recovered a number of fragments from colono ware and Mission Red Filmed ceramic vessels. The chronological and spatial separation of the three presidios afforded the opportunity to study how these ceramics and their usage changed through time. A study of these changes, along with the distribution of colono wares at two of the three presidios, has presented the opportunity to determine whether these ceramics can be used to answer questions about status and acculturation on the multi-ethnic Spanish colonial frontier.