Predictive Model of the Archaeological Remains of the Presidio de Santa Maria de Galve (1689-1722): Results of the First Year of Field Research (1995)

Ashley Augustus Chapman II

          Historical documents and the first season of archaeological investigations, in 1995, by the University of West Florida, have been used to refine the location of the Spanish Presidio of Santa María de Galve, occupied by a predominately Hispanic-Mexican population between 1698 and 1722. This thesis generates a predictive model of the archaeological remnants of the Presidio and interpretations and predictions are based solely upon the first season of field work (1995), and historical documents available at that time. The results of the interpretations and predictions have confirmed the location of the Presidio and have defined its elements, such as the fort, cemetery, village and peripheral residences. These results have been used as the basis for hypothesis testing during later seasons.