Faculty and Staff

UWF's Department of Anthropology faculty and staff

All faculty and staff in the Division of Anthropology and Archaeology work with undergraduate and graduate students as instructors, advisors, and mentors. Some are integral to one or more units within the Division; here they are listed under their primary affiliation.

The Department faculty and staff are found on the first floor of Building 13. Unless otherwise noted, Archaeology Institute personnel have offices in Building 89. FPAN staff are based off-site, in downtown Pensacola. Marine Services are also off-site at the Ellyson Industrial Park. 


John R Bratten

Chair and Professor of Anthropology

Ph.D. Texas A&M University; M.S. and B.S. Northwest Missouri State University
Area: Maritime Archaeology
Professional Interests: Artifact conservation and preservation, maritime archaeology
Teaches: Artifact Conservation in Archaeology, Nautical Archaeology, Shipwreck Archaeology, Maritime Archaeological Field Methods, Introduction to Maritime Studies, Exploring World Archaeology

Phone: (850) 474-2706
Email: jbratten@uwf.edu


Judith Bense Headshot

Judith A. Bense

President Emeritus and Professor of Anthropology

Education: M.S., Florida State University, PhD Washington State University
Area: Historical Archaeology
Professional Interests: Spanish Colonial Archaeology, West Florida and the Southeast
Teaches: Introduction to Anthropology

Phone: (850) 474-3493
Email: jbense@uwf.edu

Website: http://pages.uwf.edu/jbense



Gregory D Cook

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Education: M.A., Texas A&M University, PhD Syracuse University
Area: Nautical Archaeology, Historical Archaeology
Professional Interests: Shipwreck Archaeology, Atlantic Trade, Culture Contact
Teaches: Shipwreck Archaeology, Ship Construction, Intro to Anthropology, Intro to Archaeology, Nautical Archaeology

Phone: (850) 474-2186
Email: gcook1@uwf.edu


Headshot of Roz Fisher

Roz Fisher

Lecturer in Sociology

Education: B.S. Psychology, Central Missouri State University; M.S. Community Development, Southern Illinois University; M.A. Sociology, University of Kansas; University of Kansas (PhD in Sociology In Progress)
Area: Sociology
Professional Interests: Gender studies, inequality, race and ethnicity, gender, social policy
Teaches: Intro to Sociology, Inequality in America, The Family, Intro to Women's Studies, Social Problems

Phone: (850) 473-7064
Email: rfisher@uwf.edu / Pinterest: WordsFly2



Ramie Gougeon

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Education: Ph.D., University of Georgia; BA, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Area: Terrestrial Archaeology
Professional Interests: Prehistoric and Historic Archaeology of Greater Southeast North America, Household Archaeology, Architecture without Architects, Middle-Range Society Political Development, The Individual in Prehistory, Cultural Resource Management (CRM), Public Archaeology
Teaches: Principles of Archaeology, North American Archaeology, Introduction to Anthropology, Archaeological Method and Theory
Phone: (850) 474-2831
Email: rgougeon@uwf.edu


Meredith Marten

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Education: PhD Anthropology, University of Florida; MPH International Health & Development, Tulane University; MA Anthropology, Florida State University; BA Anthropology, Michigan State University
Area: Cultural Anthropology, Medical Anthropology
Professional Interests: Global health, health care delivery, HIV, maternal and child health, stress, social inequality, health disparities, East Africa
Teaches: Introduction to Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, Disease and Culture, Cultural Anthropological Theory, History of Anthropology, Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Anthropological perspective, Ethnographic research methods, African Cultures. 
Email: mmarten@uwf.edu


Headshot of Juliette Moore

Juliette Moore

Office Manager, Department of Anthropology

Education: M.S., Leisure Studies, University of West Florida 
Previous Position: Retired Director of Campus Recreation, University of Arizona 
Area: Assists in managing the Department of Anthropology annual budgets; handles all customer service inquiries for the department; oversees and assists in the SAI evaluation process for faculty; assists in managing and updating course offerings and schedules; assists with general office management.
Phone: (850) 857-6277, Fax: (850) 857-6278
Email: jmoore4@uwf.edu

Cindi Rogers

Advisor, Department of Anthropology

Area: Assists teaching faculty and students in the Department of Anthropology; advises students in their academic programs; public information about course offerings, schedules, and academic programs; general office management
Phone: (850) 474-2797, Fax: (850) 857-6278
Email: crogers@uwf.edu


John Worth

Professor of Anthropology

Education: M.A. University of Georgia, Ph.D. University of Florida
Area: Terrestrial Archaeology
Professional Interests: Ethnohistory, prehistoric/historic archaeology, landscapes of practice, chiefdoms, ceramics and ethnicity, European colonization and indigenous culture change, Spanish Florida, Southeastern U.S., Cuba
Teaches: Introduction to Anthropology, Principles of Archaeology, North American Archaeology, Southeastern Indians, Method and Theory, Historical Archaeology, Historical Archaeology Seminar, Advanced Method and Theory Seminar, Historical Research Methods, Spanish Florida, Anthropology Proseminar

Phone: (850) 857-6204
Email: jworth@uwf.edu
Website: http://pages.uwf.edu/jworth 
Online ProfilesAcademia.edu / ResearchGate / Luna Settlement Blog / Colonial Frontiers BlogFull CV 


Allysha Winburn

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Education: Ph.D. University of Florida 2017
Area: Biological Anthropology
Professional Interests: Holistic forensic anthropology, bioarchaeology, biological anthropology; Skeletal aging and age estimation; Ritual use of human remains.
Phone: (850) 474-2795
Email: awinburn@uwf.edu