Faculty and Staff

Learn more about the UWF Archaeology Institute faculty and staff.


Elizabeth Benchley

Director of the Division and the Archaeology Institute

Education: M.A. and Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Area: Terrestrial Archaeology
Professional Interests: Mississippian prehistoric period, colonial period, historic preservation in archaeology, midwest and southeastern archaeology
Teaches: Historic Preservation in Archaeology, North American Archaeology, Terrestrial Archaeological Field Methods, and Archaeological Laboratory Methods
Phone: (850) 857-6317 or 474-3015
Email: ebenchle@uwf.edu


Norine Carroll

Collections Manager/Research Associate

Education: M.A. State University of New York at F.I.T.
Area: Collections Management and Conservation 
Professional Interests: Collections management, conservation and preservation of marine and terrestrial archaeological objects, collaboration with international museum and university collections staff and facilities, cultural sensitivity in regards to the handling and care of archaeological and ethnographic objects.
Phone: (850) 474-3050
Email: ncarroll@uwf.edu


April Holmes

Staff Archaeologist

Education: M.A., Anthropology, University of West Florida
Area: Terrestrial Archaeology
Professional Interests: Urban archaeology and site formation processes, Spanish and British colonial periods, demographic patterns and the casta system, GIS and historic map projections/applications, personal adornment items, public archaeology
Phone: (850) 474-2796
Email: aholmes1@uwf.edu
Online Profiles: Academia.edu


Jan Lloyd

Archaeology Laboratory Director

Area: Terrestrial Archaeology
Phone: (850) 474-2087
Email: jlloyd@uwf.edu


Jennifer Melcher

Staff Archaeologist

Education: M.A. Anthropology, UWF

Area: Terrestrial Archaeology

Professional Interests: Database management, geographic information systems (GIS), digital collections management, European colonial contact and cultural exchange, Native American ceramics pre- and post-European contact.

Phone: (850) 857-6326

Email: jmelcher@uwf.edu

Headshot of Karen Mims

Karen Mims

Office Administrator

Area: Bookkeeping for all archaeology contracts and grants; Institute public information; primary contact for general information, tours and speakers
Phone: (850) 474-3015, Fax: (850) 474-2764
Email: kmims@uwf.edu


Cathy Parker

Zooarch Lab Coordinator

Email: cparker@uwf.edu


Margo Stringfield

Research Associate

Education: M.A. University of West Florida
Area: Public Archaeology and Exhibit Design
Professional Interests: British colonial period and urban archaeology, cemeteries, public interpretation
Phone: (850) 857-6334 or 474-3015
Email: mstringfield@uwf.edu