Faculty and Staff

Adjunct Instructors of the Division of Anthropology & Archaeology


Wayne Abrahamson

Education: B.A. Anthropology, San Diego State University; M.A. Anthropology, University of West Florida. 

 Whiskey and Window Panes: The Archaeological Investigation of a Side-Wheel Steamboat at Seminole, Alabama.

Teaches: Introduction to Anthropology (ANT2000), Principles of Archaeology (ANT3101), Peoples and Cultures of the World (ANT3212).

Email: wabrahamson@uwf.edu

Office: Building 13, Room 127 

Monica Beck

Education: B.S. Industrial Relations (Economics and History), UNC Chapel Hill; M.A. Anthropology (Historical Archaeology), University of South Carolina

Teaches: Introduction to Anthropology (ANT2000)

Email: mbeck2@uwf.edu


Photograph of Benjamin Burgen wearing a red button down shirt, and standing against a dark gray background.

Benjamin Burgen

Education: B.A. Anthropology (With Honors) and International Studies, University of Kansas; M.A. Anthropology (Cultural Anthropology) Washington State University; (Graduate Certificate in African Studies, University of Florida); PhD Anthropology (Cultural Anthropology) University of Florida. 

Teaches: Anthropology of Globalization (ANT4473/ANG5472); Anthropology of Human Rights (ANT4006/ANG5453)

Email: bburgen@uwf.edu

Office: Building 13, Room 127 


Patricia Gleich

Education: A.B. English, M.A. and Ed.S., Educational Psychology, Eastern Kentucky University; Graduate Certificate in Social Gerontology, Indiana University; Ed.D. Social Science, University of West Florida. 

Teaches: Introduction to Sociology (SYG2000); Family (SYO3100); Popular Culture (SYP3630).

Email: pgleich1@uwf.edu

Profiles: Academia.edu


Chie Jex

Education: M.A. Anthropology, University of West Florida.

Thesis: Social Conformity and Nationalism in Japan

Teaches: Peoples and Cultures of the World (ANT3212); Japanese Culture (ANT3363).

Email: cjex2@uwf.edu

Tomas Lopez

Education: B.A. Anthropology, University of West Florida; M.A. Anthropology, University of West Florida. 

Thesis: Themes Influencing the Future of Booth Rentals in Hair Salons

Teaches: Cultural Ecology (ANT3403); Peoples and Cultures of the World (ANT3212); Anthropology of the Bible (ANT4247); Race, Ethnicity, and Culture (ANT4451).

Email: tlopez@uwf.edu

Photograph of Roger Smith wearing sunglasses and a dark blue shirt against a light blue background.

Roger Smith

Education: B.A. Literature, University of Virginia; M.A. Nautical Archaeology, Texas A & M University; PhD History, Texas A & M University; 

Teaches: World’s Greatest Shipwrecks ANT 3990

Email: rsmith6@uwf.edu

Smith is the author of Vanguard of Empire: Ships of Exploration in the Age of Columbus (Oxford University Press), An Atlas of Maritime Florida (University Press of Florida), and The Maritime Heritage of the Cayman Islands (University Press of Florida). He also is the editor of Submerged History: Underwater Archaeology in Florida (Pineapple Press), and Florida's Lost Galleon: The Emanuel Point Shipwreck (University Press of Florida).