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William Lees

  • Position: Executive Director
  • Department: Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN)
  • Office Location: Building 709, Room 100
  • Campus: 850.595.0051


Dr. William B. Lees is executive director of the UWF Florida Public Archaeology Network. He has been involved in archaeological research, academic education, and public education for over 40 years and has worked extensively in the Great Plains and Southeastern United States.

Dr. Lees' research has included terrestrial and submerged archaeology with a focus on the early to mid-nineteenth century and sites of conflict of the American Civil War and the Indian Wars (in Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Florida), as well as memorialization of the Civil War and other conflict. He is past president of the Society for Historical Archaeology, Society of Professional Archaeologists, the Register of Professional Archaeologists, and the Plains Anthropological Society. He is recipient of the McGimsey/Davis Award given by the Register of Professional Archaeologists for outstanding service to professional archaeology.

Degrees & Institutions:

Dr. Lees holds the MA and PhD in Anthropology (Historical Archaeology) from Michigan State University and is a Registered Professional Archaeologist.