Which Courses Should I Take?

Within each of the categories of communication, math, social sciences, humanities, and natural science you will notice many choices. With so many to choose from, how should you decide which courses to take?

  • Before making a decision on which courses you will take in order to fulfill General Education requirements, you should speak with your academic advisor. Your advisor will explain your choices and help you decide the best courses to take to help you stay on track to complete your degree on time.
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  • Your Degree Works audit displays all of your program's requirements and your progress toward fulfilling those requirements. Your Degree Works audit also displays the General Education courses you should take based on your current program.
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  • In the academic catalog, you will find the full array of courses that fulfill General Education requirements. However, be aware that your program may dictate some or all of the courses that you should take to satisfy General Education requirements. Make sure to consult with your academic advisor before registration.
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