Welcome from the Dean

Meet the Dean of the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities, Dr. Steven Brown.

Dean Brown

At the College of Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities (CASSH), we welcome you to study the past to thrive in the present and build a better future. CASSH serves to foster a culture of excellence while providing the resources and support to propel the exploration and advancement of educational achievement. Whether utilizing state of the art technology to digitize artifacts and uncover historical treasures, or collaborating to create an illustrious masterpiece, CASSH offers a world-class faculty and resources for the road to advancement.

Explore the array of diverse degree programs spanning nine different disciplines and providing scholarly advancement at the baccalaureate and masters levels. Students engage in learning through classroom facilitation, direct application, intercultural immersion, capstone participation, and internship opportunities. Each learning experience allows students to form a portfolio of practical experience while building a solid foundation for professional advancement.

CASSH is proud to boast of the accomplishments and educational excellence of its students and faculty and invites you to explore its many offerings. Visit the TAG Art Gallery and enjoy student and faculty exhibits. Tour UWF’s exceptional Archeology Institute and unearth Northwest Florida’s vast history. Stop by the Marine Services Center  and learn about the research and commercial underwater ventures along the Gulf of Mexico. Download the Next Exit History application an outgrowth of UWF’s nationally respected public history program.

Thank you for choosing the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities! The UWF CASSH faculty, staff and advisors take great care in cultivating an atmosphere conducive to student success and educational excellence. We commit to serving the students, faculty and staff of UWF to advance the communities UWF serves to support.

Pursuing Excellence in Education Together,

Dr. Steven Brown
College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities