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MyStory Griot Project

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The MyStory Griot Project draws from the oral and written practices of sharing stories. Stories shared through this project highlight issues based on race, ethnicity and belonging.

About the Project

The MyStory Griot Project draws from the oral and written practices of sharing stories. A griot is a storyteller. In West African tradition, the griot is the one who bears the history of the village. The MyStory Griot project invites CASSH students, faculty and staff from the college’s various disciplines to share their stories based on race, ethnicity and diversity.

Storytelling is a practice that is as ancient as the human experience. As you read and listen to these stories, we hope you connect in both heart and mind with the shared themes that tie us together.

This project is sponsored by the UWF College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities' Workgroup on Race, Ethnicity and Belonging.

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Race, Ethnicity and Belonging

Our college is committed to addressing concerns related to race, diversity and social responsibility. 

Race, Ethnicity & Belonging

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Living Room Conversations

Based on the Living Room Conversation model, CASSH’s Living Room Conversations on Race, Ethnicity and Belonging seek to build community, spark conversation and create an atmosphere of understanding. 

Students, staff and faculty gather in small, moderated groups to have open and honest conversations about race and belonging.

Contact Us

Do you have a story you want to submit to the MyStory Griot Project? If so, we want to know! 

Contact Holly Komula at