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Race, Ethnicity and Belonging

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Our college is committed to addressing concerns related to race, diversity and social responsibility. The CASSH Workgroup on Race, Ethnicity and Belonging works to address these concerns.

About Us

The CASSH Dean’s Workgroup on Race, Ethnicity and Belonging serves the UWF College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities by working to find appropriate ways to better address concerns related to race, diversity and social responsibility. The workgroup is composed of faculty members representing a broad section of disciplines and diverse ethnicities, backgrounds and viewpoints.


The CASSH Dean’s Workgroup will utilize our combined knowledge, experiences and resources to address the needs of our community regarding race, diversity and belonging. We address the needs and concerns of underrepresented and marginalized groups (faculty, staff and students) across campus. We propose and implement activities within the college that offer a safe space and place for discussing the sensitive subject of race while supporting and encouraging faculty to craft multicultural courses, events and discussions where faculty, staff and students can participate in intelligent, restrained, yet balanced conversations about race and race relations on campus. In addition, the workgroup will evaluate and propose tangible policy changes to increase representation of diverse groups on campus (faculty, staff, and students).

Our Initiatives

We work to bring experiences to our campus and community that reflect belonging. Here are a couple of our recent and current initiatives. We invite you to take part in our efforts toward belonging. 

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Living Room Conversations

Based on the Living Room Conversation model, CASSH’s Living Room Conversations on Race, Ethnicity and Belonging seek to build community, spark conversation and create an atmosphere of understanding. Students, staff and faculty gather in small, moderated groups to have open and honest conversations about race and belonging.

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MyStory Griot Project

The MyStory Griot Project draws from the oral and written practices of sharing stories. A griot is a storyteller. In West African tradition, the griot is the one who bears the history of the village. The MyStory Griot project invites CASSH students, faculty and staff from the college’s various disciplines to share their stories based on race. Read more at WUWF


MyStory Griot Project