Abbreviate titles when used before a full name: Dr., Gov., Lt. Gov., Mr., Mrs., Rep., Sen. and the Rev.: Gov. Bob Smith was a special guest at the luncheon.

Formal titles are capitalized only when used before a name and lowercase elsewhere: President Jane Smith hosted a press conference today. Jane Smith, president, hosted a press conference today. Chair Joe Smith hosted the event. Joe Smith was named chair of the UWF Board of Trustees.

Titles are lowercased when used after a name: Sandra Smith, associate vice president for academic affairs, is scheduled to speak at the meeting.

If a faculty or staff member has dual-titles, list both after the name: Dr. Michael Smith, provost and vice president for academic affairs. Bob Smith, professor and chair of the Department of Chemistry.

Use Dr. before the name on first reference only if their title is after the name: Dr. Sally Smith, vice president for academic engagement and student affairs. Do not use Dr. after first reference: Smith stated that the economic impact nearly doubled.

Revised: February 27, 2020