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Health, Wellness and Prevention Resources

The below health, wellness and prevention resources are available for individual departments and units to purchase or print, as needed.

Departments should contact their business managers before ordering to ensure proper funds and the “COVID” code are utilized. Departments are also encouraged to communicate with their respective Vice President or Cabinet member before ordering to ensure other orders are not already in progress. 

Argos Wear Face Coverings Sticker [6 x 6]

Vinyl stickers are available for use on windows and doors to promote all Argos wearing face coverings.

#argos wear face coverings sticker example

Mo' Money

To order from Mo’ Money, contact Tom McVoy at 850.432.6301, ext. 271 or

  • Smooth Surface Vinyl Stickers
    • 10 (minimum) - $13.50 each + freight cost
    • 25 - $6.95 each + freight cost
    • 50 - $4.95 each + freight cost
    • 125 - $3.75 each + freight cost

Dark Horse

To order from Dark Horse, contact Caleb Rogers at 850.463.7307 or

  • Smooth Surface Vinyl Stickers
    • 1 to 125 - $5 Each

Classroom Safety Presentation

View the presentation below to learn about your responsibility in preparing a safe classroom.

Division of Academic Affairs Argo Safety Shared Responsibility

Classroom Safety Presentation

Digital Resources

Digital assets are available for download to promote the COVID-19 vaccine. Click the buttons below to download the CCTV and social media sets.


Informational posters are available to download with files prepared for professional or in-house printing. Select the desired size and format from the links below each poster to download.