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Follett Higher Education Group

We’re more than just a book company, we’re a gateway to knowledge—harnessing our insights to help improve student outcomes and shape the future of education as we know it.

Follett Higher Education is a prominent and historic omnichannel retailer and educational service provider supporting students, faculty, campus administration, alumni, and the surrounding community. Known for its inclusive access program, Follett ACCESS, Follett is changing equitable access to course materials on more than 300 campuses and growing every day. At Follett Higher Education, we enable faculty to teach, students to learn, institutions to run and fans to celebrate.

Since 2015, Follett and UWF have been trusted partners providing education technology, print, digital content, and educational services to UWF students and faculty.

To contact Follett, please call the Store Manager at 850.474.3100. For additional information, please visit the UWF bookstore website


As a component of this partnership, Follett is responsible for operating and managing its services on campus with appropriate, quality merchandise at reasonable prices.

The partnership between UWF BEI and Follett includes an agreement that surplus revenue from the Bookstore Services Assigned Function may be utilized by BEI in activities supporting operations. The agreement enables BEI to retain funds needed for future projects and programs consistent with BEI’s goals and strategic priorities in support of the University’s mission as approved by the BEI Board of Directors.

Follett ACCESS is a course materials and distribution model that embraces technology, affordability, and equity – allowing for greater retention, recruitment, student well-being and accessibility. It levels the playing field for all students by providing all required course materials to students for one equal price to all students on an opt-out basis billed to their student account. Instructors have complete academic freedom to select whatever materials are best for student learning in their course, including Open Educational Resources (OER). All digital content is accessible directly in the school Learning Management System (LMS) (e.g., Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle) on the first day of class and listed in the course registration system.

UWF BEI and Follett entered into a 10-year contract in 2012 with the option for two additional terms of 5 years. With contract amendments, the current contract is valid through September 30, 2024. Follett agreed to pay UWF a minimum guaranteed annual commission, which is inclusive of applicable sales taxes. Follett invested up to $300,000 in capital investments during the first year of the contract. Follett also provided an initial contribution of $600,000, inclusive of all applicable taxes, for use in furthering UWF's general educational mission.