2020 Sessions and Dates

Register for your virtual orientation session in MyUWF.

All in-person orientations sessions have been moved to a virtual format. Access to virtual orientation will be granted the morning of the first day of your orientation session. Completion of the entire virtual experience is mandatory in order for your class schedule to be released.

2020 Virtual Orientation Sessions
Virtual Session DatesTypeEntry Term
June 8-9 Freshmen Summer and Fall
June 22-23-FULL Argo Elite Freshmen Fall
June 25-26-FULL Freshmen Fall
July 9-10-FULL Freshmen Fall
July 16-17-FULL Freshmen Fall
July 23-24-FULL Freshmen Fall
Aug. 17-18 International Summer and Fall
Aug. 19-20 All Fall

Please email orientation@uwf.edu or call 850.474.2230 for assistance with registering or completing virtual orientation.