Preparation Checklist

You must submit certain records in order to begin classes. Be sure to review and complete all of your next steps.

Prepare for Orientation

Though we have provided a brief list of the major steps, be sure to check your personal next steps and verify that all items have been completed in time for you to start classes. 

  1. Immunizations: Students must submit they immunization records through Med+Proctor at least three weeks before orientation. For more information about how to do this, please visit the Med+Proctor page on the Student Health Services website. UWF is aware of the challenges students may be experiencing in obtaining immunizations in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Student Health Services will still be adherent to the University‚Äôs policies and procedures regarding immunizations but will provide temporary waivers to allow for class registration until students return to campus in order to accommodate for the difficulties families may be currently encountering in obtaining immunizations.
  2. College Credit:
    1. If you have earned any college credit (e.g., dual enrollment or transfer), submit your final transcript for each college attended. The official copy is required for courses to be added to your degree audit. Bring an unofficial copy of any college credit transcript to orientation for your advising meeting.
    2. If you've taken any accelerated courses (e.g., AP, IB), send your official score reports when they become available. Official scores must be sent to Undergraduate Admissions for courses to be added to your degree audit. Have a list of AP or IB courses taken available for reference during your virtual advising meeting, even if scores are not yet available.
  3. Final High School Transcript: Submit your final transcript through your high school. It must list your graduation date.
  4. Check Holds: Review any holds on your student record by logging in to MyUWF, searching for "Academic Records" and viewing the Student Academic Records Menu. The New Student Orientation Hold will be lifted once you have completed your Orientation.
  5. Verify Residency: If you are claiming Florida or Alabama residency for tuition purposes, residency documents must be received by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions before the first day of classes.
  6. ArgoNet Account: Upgrade your ArgoNet account to gain access to your UWF email, wireless network, computer labs and more.
  7. Advising: After you register for virtual orientation, First Year Advising will reach out to you to cover detailed information regarding advising and course selection. This pre-advising communication will prepare you for the one-on-one advising meeting that will occur after you complete virtual orientation.

    Beginning May 1 and continuing through the summer, in the order you have registered for your orientation session, your advisor may reach out to you to verify any AP, CLEP, IB, dual enrollment and transfer credits that may be applied to your degree audit. After your advisor has reviewed your degree audit and applicable credits, they will complete a schedule on your behalf. Once this has been completed, your advisor will schedule a virtual appointment with you to review and finalize your schedule. In the meantime, please be sure to review and complete your "Next Steps for Admitted Students" in MyUWF.

    Note: Virtual appointments will be through Google Hangouts. Once your appointment has been scheduled, you will receive notification in your email. You will also receive a calendar invite email before the appointment with the meeting link.

Need to change your major before orientation? Submit the Application Major Change Form. Application Major changes cannot be made starting three days in advance of your selected orientation session. Any changes would then need to be made after orientation in conjunction with your academic advisor.

Math Placement Exam

The ALEKS Placement exam is used for placement in the first math course for new UWF students declaring majors in the Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering, the College of Business, and exercise science majors in the Usha Kundu, MD College of Health.

As soon as possible: Take the practice exam. Before attending orientation, you should take the ALEKS Practice Exam. The practice exam can be accessed through MyUWF by searching "ALEKS placement." You must log in through your MyUWF to take the test to ensure that your score is applied to your student record.

After the practice exam: Review your score and practice. Compare your score to the chart at After completing the ALEKS assessment, you will receive a detailed pie chart of your current mathematical knowledge and will have the opportunity to refresh on mathematical topics in a learning module to help you prepare for the actual test. You must spend a minimum of three hours in the practice module in order to attempt the real placement test.

After a minimum of three hours in the practice modules: Take the official ALEKS Placement This exam will require use of the Lockdown Browser for your computer. This ensures a fair testing environment and that you are placed in the correct math course. After completing the exam, you will meet with an academic advisor to finalize your course schedule.