Not Your Parents' Pot

Marijuana has changed considerably over the past few decades. Today's marijuana is different than the marijuana which fueled the counterculture of the 1960's. This page provides information on how marijuana has evolved over the years and highlights the difference between recreational and medical marijuana.

Why People Use Marijuana
Cannabis Sativa: High THC (Recreational)Cannabis Indica: High CDB (Medical)
Energizing, stimulating, uplifting, increased sense of well-being Pain reduction / Muscle relaxant
Increased focus, creativity, "cerebral effect" Seizure reduction
Allegedly counteracts depression Anxiety / Stress reduction
Immune system enhancement Enhances sleep
Decreases nausea Increased appetite, Decreased nausea
Stimulates appetite Decreases inflammation, immune responses
  Decreased intraocular pressure
  Lethargy, "laid back", "body buzz"

Marijuana Preparations In Legal States

Today's marijuana is much stronger than it used to be in the 1970s. It is also available in various forms that make it easier to get a higher dose of THC than you would get from the traditional method of smoking it. Click on the thumbnails below for more information.