Implications For College Students

This page contains information on the implications for college students who choose to consume marijuana.

Top 10 Endorsed Marijuana Consequences (National College Students)

  • Eating (eg., too much)
  • Sleep problems
  • Productivity, apathy, motivation issues, or boredom
  • Cognitive abilities, attention, or concentration problems
  • Memory problems
  • Problems with lungs or coughing
  • Feeling antisocial or experiencing social awkwardness
  • Other physical difficulties: feeling dizzy, sick, uncoordinated, etc.
  • Not getting things done
  • Spending too much money

Source: Jason Kilmer, University of Washington

Summary Of Effects On Learning

  • Marijuana intoxication interferes with memory for materials presented while intoxicated.
    • Students who go to class high are not getting their money's worth.
  • Adverse impact on learning and memory can last for days or weeks after acute effects wear off.
    • It is unclear if memory deficits may persist after months of abstinence.
    • Daily marijuana use may result in suboptimal intellectual functioning all of the time.
    • Regular/heavy users cannot stop marijuana use 1-2 days before exams and expect to have normal memory.

Young Adult Marijuana Use and Mental Health

  • 25% of college students being treated for mental illness also abuse cannabis.
  • Students in this group suffered significant functional impairment and a greater likelihood of medical leave, as compared to peers who used marijuana but did not have a mental illness.
  • Nearly half of the students with bipolar disorder also had cannabis use disorder

Counseling & Psychological Services can provide an in-person confidential assessment with a counselor to discuss marijuana use.

All information was obtained through research compiled in the 2017 report published by the National Academies of Sciences and Medicine titled The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: The Current State of Evidence and Recommendations, unless otherwise noted.