Faculty & Staff

Faculty or staff member play a unique role in prevention and education efforts because they have an ongoing relationship with students.

For many years, UWF has been examining and responding to alcohol and sexual assault as it affects our campus. You are in a position to be of assistance in detecting changes in student behavior that can provide early warning signals of alcohol or drug problems. For more information, familiarize yourself with the information on our sexual assault page. In addition, schedule a program with Wellness Services and let us present to your class or organization! We even have a form for extra credit opportunities that you can give to your students.

Wellness Classroom Computer Usage

If you plan to use the Wellness Classroom in building 960, room 258, for a meeting and you have materials that you would like to display on the Smartboard, please follow these guidelines:

Please DO NOT unplug or reconfigure anything on the computer in the classroom.

  • Press the power button once to turn on the Smartboard. Make sure the VGA-1 input is selected. This should be displayed in the bottom right corner of the board.
  • Login to your Argonet account on the classroom computer.
  • Wait for the computer's desktop to display on the Smartboard. If it doesn't display after a few minutes, hold down the Windows key and press 'p' at the same time. Select Duplicate.
  • From the Start Menu, select Computer. If your materials are on a USB flash drive, plug the drive directly into the Smartboard. The USB port is located at the left end of the control panel at the bottom of the board. The flash drive should show up under Computer. Double-click on the flash drive to access your materials.
  • After the meeting, please power off the Smartboard by pressing the power button twice.
  • Please DO NOT POWER OFF THE COMPUTER. Simply log yourself out.