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Outside Campus Community Partners

Are you interested in hosting your wedding at the University of West Florida Ballroom & Conference Center? Please contact our Reservations Coordinator at 850-474-3034 or email

For more information to use our campus locations for our community partners, please visit our external reservations website.

Student Organizations and University Departments

EMS Web App

On-campus events and meetings for your department or student organization can be requested online through the EMS web client, a.k.a. "EMS Web." EMS Web App is a web-based application that allows users to browse events in a calendar, view facility information, and submit and manage room reservations. 

You can access EMS through any standard browser or mobile device. You must be a University of West Florida faculty/staff member or a representative of a recognized student organization for access to this reservation system. The University Commons and Event Services staff will provide information on accessing or setting up your account information. 

Events must be scheduled 14 business days in advance,

If you already have an EMS account, you can access the web app here

If you are a UWF student organization officer, staff, or faculty member and do not currently have an EMS Web App account and would like one created for you, please make your request in the UWF Web App.

EMS Access Requests

University of West Florida Faculty/Staff

The University Commons and Event Services (UCES) has a variety of different spaces available for all types of events, many of which can be reserved online using the EMS Web App. The EMS Web App is a website that allows you to make requests for the reservable spaces within Commons and deliveries to other UWF locations.

University of West Florida Student Organizations

Due to changes with EMS, the reservation system, organizations have to be transitioned within ArgoPulse to make reservations.

To transition and update the organization information, an officer will need to login to ArgoPulse:

  • Once logged in, you should see a button at the top right that says, "Admin Dashboard." Go ahead and select that button.
  • From the menu that loads, you will select "Manage" and then "Organizations."
  • Your organization(s) will be the only organization that loads, and you will click the link into the organization.
  • Once that loads, you will click the pencil icon at the top right and edit all the requested information.
  • Once you are done, you will submit for approval, and the organization will be transitioned for the new year, pending adviser and Student Involvement approval. 

Student Organizations that have completed the transition process can then request access to the EMS Web App. Organizations must get approval with Student Involvement before making an event and submit the approval form to their EMS reservation. Please be sure to get your approval first before reserving an event.

Check with the Reservations and Conference Services Office to confirm your event after 48 hours of reserving your event.