Responsible University Employee

To any of the following:

Students or employees reporting sexual misconduct, sexual violence, or gender-based discrimination to any "Responsible University Employee" should know that every effort will be made to respect the private and sensitive nature of their report.  However, as required under Title IX, reports to any of the above parties will result in a notification of the report to the Title IX Coordinator.  The Complainant will have the option of whether or not to pursue further remedies, but should take note that any report to a "Responsible University Employee" will result, at minimum, in a written report to the campus Title IX Coordinator.  

If a student wishes to speak with someone on campus confidentially about an act of sexual misconduct/violence, or any other matter, he or she should contact and schedule an appointment with Counseling & Psychological Services (850-474-2420).  If an employee wishes to do the same, he or she may contact the Employee Assistance Program (1-800-860-2058).  Any information disclosed to a counselor during a counseling session is considered private and confidential and is legally protected.  A counselor will encourage the Complainant to report the alleged sexual misconduct/violence to appropriate authorities, but is not required by federal law to report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator.  Additionally, any information shared by a student regarding alleged sexual misconduct/violence with any medical provider (doctor, nurse, or administrative staff) in Student Health Services will only be reported to the Title IX Coordinator with the student's permission.