Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Lingnan University offers multiple programs of interest in business, social sciences, and the arts.

Outdoor Pool at Lingnan


Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China since the transfer of sovereignty from the United Kingdom in 1997, is an autonomous territory with an impressive skyline, natural harbor, and multiple parks and green spaces. With a unique cityscape, landmarks, hills and peaks, Hong Kong’s several districts and outlying islands create an interesting place to explore and study.

Lingnan Buildings
Lingnan Campus Plaza


Founded in 1888, Lingnan University is the only public liberal arts university in Hong Kong. Located in the New Territories, several student societies, arts and cultural programs, sports and wellness, and co-curricular learning programs are available for students.

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Lecture Hall at Lingnan University
Lecture Hall at Lingnan University


Lingnan University’s academic programs include the social sciences, the arts, and an AACSB accredited business school. Course work is conducted in English. Among others, programs are available in applied psychology, political science, economics, accountancy, management, English and history, providing several academic opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

Students in a shared room at Lingnan University
Shared Rooms are Typical in Hong Kong

Living Experience

Exchange students are required to live on-campus in one of ten residence halls with a non-exchange student during their studies at Lingnan University. These residential spaces are air-conditioned and provide opportunity to meet and study within a multicultural community.


Costs of participation may be less than you think! Compared to UWF estimated direct cost of $7,970 for tuition, housing and meals per semester, or $15,940 for an academic year for in-state residents, the cost of a semester of study at Lingnan University is between $4,100 and $6,200, and $8,000 to $12,400 for an academic year. Costs vary by housing type and single or shared living spaces and meal selection. Tuition is paid on a semester basis to UWF and is charged at the same rate (in-state or out-of-state) that you pay when studying in Pensacola. This cost estimate does not include cost of international travel to include flight, visa, passport, and insurance.

Additional Information

For more information, contact International Programs at to schedule an advising session to learn more about study abroad opportunities at Lingnan University.