UWF Men's Empowerment Network (UWF MEN)

UWF MEN is a program designed to offer academic support and mentoring opportunities for students. Participants are required to uphold a standard of academic and professional excellence.

About UWF Men

Academic Success
Character Development
Professional/Social Skills
Civic Engagement 
Program Goals
Increase retention and graduation rates among all male UWF students
High Impact Learning opportunities and experiences
Enhancement in communication and soft skills
UWF MEN : What to Expect
Success at the collegiate level
Enhancement in communication and soft skills
High level of trust and confidentiality
Proper preparation and practive for the oncoming stages of life
A solid community of peers that will help maximize your potential 
3 UWF MEN are standing together at UWF's Mardi Gras event

Man Cave

The Man Cave is open to all men who want to participate. The Cave is a place where UWF male students come together and have a safe, positive, and thought-provoking conversation on current issues affecting men today.

Two UWF students play ping pong in the Commons

Inside the Cave

Inside the Cave is a series of workshops that focus on academic skills and opportunities for high impact learning experiences that will support post-graduation success.

Two UWF Students playing ring toss on the Cannon Greens

UWF MEN Living Community

If you are interested in the UWF MEN Living Community or would like more information, please complete the form below.

The UWF Man is...


You must be available to attend events and meet the standards and expectations set forth by the University.


You are a student first. Studying, completing assignments and investing in your future are your top priorities.


You are the only one accountable for your actions and the resulting outcomes.


Be mindful of others and the ways you can positively impact them. Respect the time and effort others have invested in you by showing up on time and being attentive.


You are part of a community and just as you depend on others, sometimes others need your support, encouragement and (occasionally) constructive criticism


It is important to always be ready for anything life sends your way and to be flexible in different and sometimes unfamiliar situations.