Professionally Empowered And Ready for Life

PEARL Program is a women's empowerment initiative that helps women become professionally empowered and ready for life.


PEARL at The University of West Florida is a women’s empowerment initiative designed to create opportunities for women to explore and grow in a high impact learning community that fosters academic success, professional development, and civic engagement. 

Goals of the Program

Create opportunities for undergraduate women to explore

topics of mutual concern/interest that will prepare them for life after college

Offer social engagement opportunities to create lasting

relationships through topics of mutual interest and shared experience

Create environments for conversation, personal growth and civic engagement 

through workshops, mentoring and leadership opportunities

Increase retention and graduation rates among all female

students attending UWF 

Our Objectives
Career Development
Academic Engagement 
Self Development
Civic Engagement 
Strand Topics
What About Me: Building your personal brand
Balancing Ac(ademics): Managing school, work and social life
Making Connections: Building career development and networking
Community Outreach: Service opportunities 

Get Involved with PEARL


Involvement OpportunityDescription
The Strand

Monthly workshops designed to address the issues experienced by women in college. 

PEARL Cluster Monthly workshops to build study skills and soft skills. 

 PEARL Living Community

If you are interested in the UWF PEARL  Community or would like more information, please complete the form below. 

UWF PEARL Community Interest Form

 If you would like more information about the communities please visit the housing LLC page.

Pearls of Wisdom

"I think that PEARL is a much needed initative on the campus of University of West Florida. Young women need a program to express their ideas ideas and aspirations which could benefit the campus community." 

Angelica Baker

"Beause of PEARL, I was able to connect with other young ladies who a like me. I was also able to network with faculty and staff who have played a key role in my success at UWF."

Kavadi Anderson 


Pearl Cluster Topics
What's My Style: Identifying learning style
Success Strategies 
Professional Communications: Professors/Staff/Peers