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ArgoFirst Living Communities

UWF proudly offers special first-year learning communities for on-campus residents. In these communities, students learn from outstanding instructors and forge fast friendships and study partners. All ArgoFirst students take classes together.

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ArgoFirst is built on the pillars of academic success, civic engagement, and interpersonal development. Students living in an ArgoFirst Living Community in Martin Hall share residential experiences and take Foundations for Academic Success Course (SLS 1109).

Current Themed Living Communities


CORE is part of the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities. CORE is a vibrant community of artists, musicians, writers, thinkers, readers, makers, and researchers. We work together to create tangible and meaningful outcomes as a vital part of the campus long after graduation. Developed around the theme of “ecosystems,” our community is committed to healthy habits of mind and body. We are founded on the understanding that the treatment of our physical, emotional and psychological well-being is deeply connected to our intellectual curiosity and academic performance. Together, we look for connections, critically evaluating how situations are similar and different across space and time. We encourage collaborative and creative work through interdisciplinary conversations and the cross-pollination of ideas.


The Explore learning community welcomes first year students who are still exploring their choices of major and/or career. Explore aims to orient students with campus resources, tools, organizations, and opportunities to help them learn more about their values, interests, personalities, and skills. The role of Explore is to advance UWF's mission and vision by providing students with the resources, knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for academic success at the university level, as well as introduce them to concepts necessary for success beyond college. Through relevant interactions and engagement, Explore strives to assist every student in finding professional fulfillment and personal happiness as a result of academic success and the discovery of their career pathway.

Global Living

Global Living Year 1 brings together students from around the world and is open to first-year students looking to get connected with our active community of globally-minded students. Global promotes UWF's vision of becoming a truly global university by facilitating interaction and engagement of international students with globally-minded students. On-site access to study abroad advising and global career-building skills are unique perks of belonging to this community. After the first year, students in their second year at UWF will have the opportunity to advance to Global Living Year 2 where students are paired with international students for roommates.


First-year college students looking to innovate, be creative and network with top professionals in the Pensacola community find their home to be Innovation. Innovation students learn about innovation, creativity, business models, and investors, as well as about how to brand and present ideas. Students will demonstrate knowledge through development of a presentation and prototype for the DaVinci Innovation Celebration competition.


The Leadership Community is composed of first-year college students who aim to dive deep into who they are as an individual and their role on campus and the greater community. Leadership aims to help students gain an understanding of the values, emotions, attitudes and beliefs that motivate them to take action and demonstrate behavior consistent withheld belief and convictions. Students in Leadership model behavior that support their personal learning and transform them into autonomous learners empowered to write their own academic journey. Leadership aims to be a stepping stone to student leadership and success at the University.


The Men's Empowerment Network is designed to offer academic support and mentoring opportunities. First-year students in MEN can expect to have an upperclassmen peer who is a guide throughout the first year. Students in this community focus on academic success, character development, professional development, soft skill development and civic engagement.  


PEARL at The University of West Florida is a women's empowerment initiative designed to create opportunities for women to explore and grow in a high-impact learning community that fosters academic success, professional development, and civic engagement. First-year students in the PEARL community will be paired with an upperclassmen peer who is a guide throughout the first year. Students in this community can expect to focus on building their personal brand, networking, civic engagement, and balancing school with life, work, and other commitments.

TRiO Achievers

As a TRiO Student Support Services participants, first year students have a unique opportunity to live in the TRiO Achievers Community. This community will engage in activities that focus on academic preparedness, professional and personal development. Programming will be designed to strengthen academic success, build professional relationships and development self awareness. The skills mastered in this community will not only lead to academic success, but also preparation for life beyond college. Students are accepted into this community by invitation only. Requests for invitation can be sent to trio@uwf.edu.

Current ArgoFirst Students

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