Anchor Down Mentor Program

Find a Mentor. Be a Mentor.

About the Program


The mission of the Anchor Down Mentor Program is to provide coordinated mentor and mentee experiences for UWF students within their first and second year at UWF. 


Through participation in the Anchor Down Peer Mentor Program, students will develop networking, active listening, and critical thinking skills. These skills contribute to academic success and employability. Students will also gain a better understanding of their future career through being paired with a professional in the Pensacola community.

Student Eligibility and Responsibilities 

First-year students have 2 opportunities to apply to be in the program, Fall and Spring. If a student is accepted for fall, they will not need to re-apply.

Fall: Students will be matched with an upperclassman who will mentor them from September until January.

Applications live from June 1 - September 4

Spring: Students will be matched with a professional in a specific role or career related to what they would like to do post-graduation, who mentors the student from January until May.

Applications live from October 15 - December 1

After a student completes their first year in the mentor program, it's our community culture for second-year students to pay it forward by mentoring a new student the following year. 

Time Commitment: Mentors/mentees are expected to meet once a week (in-person/digitally) and attend another required programming at the start/end of each semester. 


"My mentor shared stories of his time going to medical school, joining the military, and then eventually becoming a professor at UWF. All of these are incredible feats, and I learned a lot from his experiences that there no end to the horizon of opportunities in life and your ambitions."

Kieu, Biomedical Sciences

"My mentor allowing me to job shadow for a day really exposed me to what jobs actually look like in the real world. I got to meet not only people in the marketing department but also in sales, design, productions, and accounting." 

Madeline, Comprehensive Marketing

"My mentor helped me get a job in the HMCSE Summer Undergraduate Research Program, a program which I didn't even know existed, so now instead of bagging groceries all summer, I get to build my resume and do research in my field."

Jason, Computer Science

Apply to the Program

Anchor Down Mentor Program Professional Mentor Application

Anchor Down Mentor Program Student Application 2020

Anchor Down Upperclassmen Mentor Application 

Applications close for the Fall program Sept. 4th. Students will be notified of their mentor shortly after. 

Students who wish to participate in the spring will have the chance to apply starting Oct. 15th. Students will be notified prior to the end of the semester if they have been accepted and confirmation at the start of spring 2020 after grades are posted. 

If you have additional questions about joining the program as a mentor or mentee, please email