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All Registered Student Organizations are required to have a volunteer Faculty/Staff Advisor.

Full-time faculty and staff members are eligible to serve as student organization advisors so long as they are not on leave during their advising term. Student teaching assistants and graduate assistants are not eligible to serve as primary advisors but may serve as a secondary advisor.

Advisors are an important part of every student organization. Generally, the purpose of a faculty/staff advisor is to serve as an on-campus resource to students within the organization. Additionally, advisors help with the growth and development of students, provide consistency and communicate goals to future members, and assist in the area of program content and purpose.

The role of an advisor may vary depending on the organization's needs. The scope of an organization's activities, the effectiveness of its officers, the time commitments of the advisor and other factors determine the nature of an advisor's involvement with the group. Advisors should never consider themselves as only a requirement for registration.

Advisor Responsibilities

In agreeing to serve as a student organization advisor, faculty and staff members must agree to certain responsibilities.

University Policy

Advisors should be aware of relevant policies and hold their organizations and officers accountable to following University policies and procedures. Many relevant policies are highlighted on this website and in Argo Pulse.


Advisors should provide sound financial advice and confront any misfeasance related to the management or organization funds. Advisors should never keep organization funds in trust. These funds should be deposited and withdrawn from an organization bank account.


Student organizations are autonomous entities that register with the University of West Florida to gain access to benefits and resources. Advisors should guard against any misrepresentation by the organization as official representatives of the University. This includes the use of the University's Tax ID number or Tax Exempt status, and in soliciting fundraising and sponsorship by individuals and businesses.

Cleary Act

Student organization advisors are designated by federal law as a Campus Security Authority. Advisors must become familiar with the implications and responsibilities related to this designation.