Photo of Dr. Vannee Cao-Nguyen

Dr. Vannee Cao-Nguyen

 Vannee Cao-Nguyen currently serves as the Associate Vice President for Academic Engagement and the University’s Student Ombudsperson. Prior to her role as AVP, she served as Assistant Director and Director of Student Accessibility Resources (formerly Student Disability Resource Center) and Executive Director of the Office for Equal Opportunity and Access. In this role, she had oversight of policies, procedures, and services associated with the Employee ADA Programs, Testing Services, Equal Opportunity Programs and Student Accessibilty Resources.

Dr. Cao-Nguyen’s professional background also includes School Overlay Counseling, Psychiatric Treatment Programs, and Rape Crisis/Trauma Recovery Services. She holds a bachelor’s in psychology, masters in counseling and a doctorate in diversity studies. Dr. Cao-Nguyen has also served as Faculty Associate in the Department of Psychology and an adjunct instructor in the Department of Research and Advanced Studies at UWF. Courses she has taught include Academic Foundations, Consultation Process, Psychology and Culture, Counseling Foundations, and Cultural Competency in Higher Education. She served on the President’s Council for Diversity and Inclusion, Campus Care Team, Title IX Committee, Public Health Committee, Information Technology Planning, and Advisory Council, and the Accessible Technology Work Group.

As the Associate Vice President for Academic Engagement, Dr. Cao-Nguyen is responsible for the oversight and management of the following units: Division Assessment and Technology, Student Retention Initiatives, International Affairs, Career Development and Community Engagement, and the Center for Academic Success. As the University’s Student Ombudsperson, she is the designated neutral party and resource for students who may have University-related concerns or grievances.