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Student Resources

Please follow the links below to learn more about the resources available to qualified UWF students.

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ADA Programs Office works collaboratively with other university entities as well as external community organizations to help meet the university’s ADA mission and goals. They also provide leadership in promoting inclusiveness, disability awareness, and education in the local community. If you have concerns about any access barriers, we would like to hear from you. We encourage you to submit information to our office to allow for proper assessment and identification of reasonable solutions. Please complete and submit the ADA Programs Accessibility/Barrier Identification Form.

Educational Testing Services - This link provides information on standardized testing (GRE, TOEFL, Praxis, etc.) for students with disabilities wishing to enter or graduate from UWF. Information including requirements, documentation standards, procedures, and application can also be found at this site. 

Substitution or Modification of Requirements for Graduation by Students with Disabilities - The university can provide reasonable substitution or modification for graduation requirements for any eligible student with a disability. Appropriate documentation must be provided to indicate that the student's failure to meet the requirement is related to the disability so long as the accommodation does not constitute a fundamental alteration in the nature of the academic program. A student requesting an academic accommodation or adjustment such as a course substitution or modification of an undergraduate graduation requirement based on a disability must register with the SAR. For more information, follow the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

Tutoring Services - a variety of free tutoring services are available to UWF students. While Tutoring & Learning Resources (Building 52, Room 151) supports most general education courses offered at UWF, some departments offer additional options for their courses and additional information can be found on the general tutoring page. The three most often requested offices are listed below. 

Counseling & Psychological Services - Counseling & Psychological Services offers counseling and therapy to help students address how to manage, cope and grow with the stress associated with school and life. The primary goal of counseling is to help students develop the personal awareness and skills necessary to overcome problems and to develop in ways that will allow them to take advantage of the educational opportunities at the university.

Military and Veterans Resource Center - The primary goal of the Military and Veterans Resource Center (MVRC) is to help military and veteran students successfully transition from the military environment to campus life. The UWF MVRC is located in Building 38 room 147; Hours 0800 - 1700.

The Commuter Life - The Commuter Life is a centralized website specifically designed with commuter students in mind. Students that commute to campus can find relevant information related to UWF programs and services that directly impact them.

Public All Gender Accessible Restrooms This page provides information on public all gender accessible restrooms available on the UWF main campus. Anyone can use these restrooms, regardless of gender identity or expression.

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