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Online Campus Proctoring

Students who are enrolled in online classes, should review their syllabi for test proctoring instructions. If students are eligible for academic accommodations, these accommodations can be provided through the various proctoring procedures including ProctorU.

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A proctored exam is one that is overseen by an impartial individual (called a proctor) who monitors or supervises a student while he or she is taking an exam. Alternatively, an exam can be proctored by utilizing an online service which functions as a deterrent to cheating by making a video recording of the student, surrounding exam environment, and the entire online exam session. Either of these two options works to ensure the security and integrity of the online exam process.​

For more information about online campus proctoring at UWF, please visit the Online Campus, Proctored Exam Information web page.


ProctorU is a service that UWF faculty may utilize for proctoring online exams. ProctorU allows students to conveniently and securely complete assigned exams using almost any web cam. With a computer and approved web cam, students can take online exams at home, at work, or almost anywhere they have Internet access. ProctorU connects students directly to their proctor via web cam so they can both see and talk to one another. ProctorU can also monitor the student's computer while they complete the exam.

How Does ProctorU Assist Test-takers With Disabilities?

A core function of the ProctorU mission is to provide access to education for individuals that may not otherwise be able to pursue a degree or certification. ProctorU's service strengthens an online program's compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • Disability as defined by ADA: A physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity.
  • Testing requirements: ADA requires that assessments for disabled individuals be performed with reasonable accommodations.
  • ProctorU Policy: The online proctoring company will accommodate any test-taker enrolled in a distance education program with one of its partner institutions. ProctorU has also developed a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) that evaluates the company's compliance with Section 508 of the Workplace Rehabilitation Act. ProctorU's VPAT is available upon request.
What strategies does ProctorU use to support test-takers with disabilities?
What accommodations are provided and how are instructors informed about the resources that are available to them in support?

In most cases, test-takers are able to log on, create an appointment and have their exam proctored using a home computer. ProctorU is also able to support test-takers with disabilities through coordination with the institution.

Communication with representatives from the institution enables ProctorU to accommodate examinees with disabilities effectively and ensures that the assistance has been approved by the instructor.

The company has proctored test-takers with a wide range of disabilities. Because ProctorU uses real people to monitor exams face-to-face, the company can be incredibly flexible and can honor nearly any request.

For more information about ProctorU's accessibility protocols, please contact them at (855) 772-8678 or

Follow this link to  download the ProctorU information in PDF format, and this link to visit ProctorU's website.

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