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Reduced Course Load

This page contains all the information you need in order to submit a request for Reduced Course Load to the Student Accessibility Resources.

Students with documented disabilities are eligible to request special status which, if approved, would allow them to take a reduced course load of not less than nine (9) hours, while maintaining a full time status, so long as the reduced course load does not affect the academic integrity of the program in which the student is enrolled. The University Financial Aid Office is responsible for determining the amount and type of financial aid received. The student must contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss how this accommodation might affect their financial aid status. It is recommended that students meet with a financial aid officer prior to withdrawing from any courses.

Approval of reduced course load is not a permanent status, but must be requested and reevaluated each semester to determine the impact of the student's disability in relation to the demands of his/her course schedule. Reasonable accommodations are determined on a case-by case basis.

Students approved for reduced course load are entitled to all University services and privileges offered to full time students so long as the accommodation does not fundamentally alter the program/service.

If the student drops below the approved number of hours for reduced course load, the full time status will no longer be in effect.

Students approved for reduced course load are held to the same academic requirements and standards for satisfactory academic progress as applied to other students. If approved for this accommodation, the student is responsible for informing other departments/agencies of the approved accommodation, and students must request in writing to SAR to release information to third parties.

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